Women’s Health CME

Specialty Care CME Conference

The Goal

The goal of our Women’s Health CME Conference is to provide specialty care practitioners with evidence-based information and the latest advances on routinely encountered issues regarding women’s health. Our Women’s Health CME Conferences include an emphasis on aligning physician assistant behavior with current guidelines and advances and aid in the diagnostic, treatment, and referral process.

The Conference

Our nationally accredited and passionate speakers present comprehensive knowledge and training on gynecological disorders presented.

Women’s Health CME Conferences

Courses Include:

  • “Sexuality at Midlife and Beyond”
  • “What’s New in Obstetrics and Gynecology?”
  • “Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy”
  • Plus many more!

The Outcome

After attending our Women’s Health CME conference, you will be able to adequately identify the habitual etiology of gynecological disorders, integrate pragmatic approaches in women’s health, and confidently make appropriate diagnoses while providing effective treatment, referrals, or follow-up care to improve patient outcomes.

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