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    2019 CME Conferences!
    Destin, FL – June 11 – 14
    Myrtle Beach, SC – July 22 – 25
    Virginia Beach, VA – Aug 13 – 16
    Pensacola Beach, FL – Sept 10 – 13
    San Antonio, TX – Oct 8 – 11
    Caribbean Cruise – Oct 20 – 27
    Orlando, FL – Oct 21 – 24
    Las Vegas, NV – Nov 12 – 15
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CME Conference in Destin

Destin, FL

June 11-14

CME Conference in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC

July 22-25

CME Conference in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA

August 13-16

CME Conference in Pensacola

Pensacola Beach, FL

September 10-13

CME Conference in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

October 8-11

CME Conference on a Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

October 20-27

CME Conference in Orlando

Orlando, FL

October 21-24

CME Conference in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

November 12-15

2020 CME Destinations

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Hear what attendees are saying about us

  • "I have been to 2 SBHPP conferences now – I enjoyed both of them. All the speakers were good and well versed in their topics."
  • "Excellent speaker, very "real" world applications for treatment. Very engaging with audience, and it is evident she is passionate about Women's Health! Best speaker of all!"
  • "Thanks for developing a great conference. I liked the Howl at the Moon mixer. I was able to spend the rest of the conference with the 2 participants I met there."
  • "Overall, I thought the conference was great. It kept me engaged, and I will be able to use the information every day. It also helped refresh some areas I was weaker in."
  • "Speaker is really good at engaging the audience. I’ve never heard so many practitioners comfortable yelling out questions. It was enjoyable."
  • "I was very pleased with the conference. The presentations and location were wonderful. It was the first time my wife (also a PA) and I were ever in the destination. We enjoyed the area so much, that we want to return sometime with our children."
  • "Very interesting topics applicable to both my patient care and myself!"
  • "Excellent presenter. She was extremely intelligent and so well versed in her specialty."

Continuing Medical Education Conferences With a Focus in Primary and Specialty Care