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Valid until August 1, 2025

Hand-picked by our speakers, the “Best of 2023” 30-course program delivers a convenient, engaging, and informative refresher on key topics that influence your patient care decisions.

Valid until August 8, 2024

Earn 39 CME Credit Hours (Rx=12.25) on your time with this engaging new package of 2022 courses! Learn about spotting a heart attack, new dermatology drugs, diabetes, pediatric ortho, contraception use across the lifespan, and more. Features 8 tracks, 8 presenters, and our new enhanced viewing platform.

Valid until August 8, 2024

New! Earn 39 CME Credit Hours (Rx=10) with these fast-paced courses from 2022. Gain insight on managing airline emergencies, skin cancer, skeletal radiology and fracture identification, diabetes, women’s health guidelines, and more.  Features 8 tracks, 8 presenters, and our new enhanced viewing platform. 

Valid until December 27, 2024

The “Best of 2022” features 15 of our most-loved sessions handpicked by our entertaining presenters. Earn 19.25 CME Credit Hours (Rx=5.75) during courses that will advance your patient care.  Features our new enhanced viewing platform.

Explore leading topics in Dermatology CME such as recognizing Melanoma and Non-Melanoma skin cancer, making sense of topical medications, diagnosing skin infections and more.

Advance your knowledge of Orthopedics on everything from concussion management to spine assessment.

13 CME Credit Hours

Answering patient questions about women’s health can be challenging. This course walks you through topics ranging from Menopause to prevention and screening guidelines.

13 CME Credit Hours

Looking to master the reading of an EKG? Or better treat AFIB? This Cardiology CME course dives into these topics and more, leading you to make more confident patient care decisions.

2 Options • Up to 6.5 CME Credit Hours

Keep up-to-date on the latest in acute and chronic pain management and use of treatment options for the management of GI, infectious diseases, and respiratory conditions in this fast-paced course.

3.5 CME Credit Hours

This Diabetes CME course tackles questions in antidiabetic medications, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and Type 3 diabetes—giving you the confidence to make better patient care decisions.

3 CME Credit Hours

This course explores common clinical complaints such as abdominal pain, fever, cough and headache, focusing on quickly identifying “red flags” that require expedient workup. We will review considerations in ordering the most appropriate laboratory and imaging studies to narrow this differential and rule out life-threatening pathology and more.

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