We know CME budgets are limited. That’s why we provide the BEST VALUE!

Save over $1,000 today!

National & Other Associations

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts

What is cost per credit hour?

$33 – $46 $27

YOU SAVE: $150 – $250 per conference

Is membership required for best price?

Yes – dues range from $150 – $295 Dues are NOT required.

YOU SAVE $250 (on average)

Are breakfasts provided to all attendees?

No YES! – Our guests are treated to a hot breakfast buffet each morning.

YOU SAVE: $140 ($35 a day for four days)

**Please see location page for meal details. Meals vary by event.

Are lunches provided to all attendees?

No – Many national associations host Product Theater sessions at lunch, but publish the policy of “Attendees are served on a first come, first served basis” -there is only space for limited attendance so you must likely arrange for your own meal at convention center vendors, etc. YES! – We generally provide 1 – 2 sponsored lunches at each destination. They are very nice meals and ALL attendees are served in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

YOU SAVE: $100 ($50 a day for two days)

Can I afford to stay at the host hotel?

Many national association meetings are held in expensive cities and use convention center hotels averaging $230 a night. YES! – Our host hotels are among the nicest in the area, are affordably priced, and are away from noisy downtown locations. The average rate is only $160 a night (with some as low as $135).

YOU SAVE: $650 ($130 a night for five nights)

With the support of our loyal conference attendees, a portion of our event proceeds goes directly to fund scholarships.

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