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Top Diagnoses in Dermatology – Like a Box of Chocolates

Friday 1/5/2024
12:00 PM EST

Life in a dermatology clinic is like a “box of chocolates”. . . you never know what you’re going to get. Dermatology is more than popping pimples and cutting out skin cancers. We’ll review rashes, bumps, and skin diseases that are easily missed. And then, once you’ve seen it and asked your patients 1-2 questions, you’ll never miss the diagnosis. Indulge in this session and treat your patients to top-notch care!

5 Top Tips for Treating Hypothyroidism in Clinical Practice

Friday 2/2/2024
12:00 PM EST

Join us for expert tips in managing the second most common endocrinopathy in primary care—hypothyroidism. Managing this disease can be challenging due to confusing labs, ubiquitous symptoms, and conflicting medical treatment guidelines. These may lead to delays in diagnosis and implementation of appropriate treatment, thus negatively impacting patient health, cognition, and quality of life. In just 30 minutes, equip yourself with insights to enhance your clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

Practice Makes Better . . . Improving Comfort Levels in Evaluating & Treating a Patient in Need of Orthopedic intervention

Friday 3/1/2024
12:00 PM EST

They say practice makes perfect – the more you work at something the better you get.  For those not well versed, seeing a patient in the office who needs an orthopedic evaluation and intervention can be nerve racking.  While most of our programs have some degree of orthopedic content, it is certainly not a focus and can quickly wane over time if we’re not consistently performing orthopedic exams in volume.  In this brief 30-minute lunch and learn, we’re going to review several case studies that will include appropriate HPI, exam, and treatment options (pharm and interventional) regarding common presentations in an orthopedic setting.  Join us  . . . will be fun! 

How Salt Saved the United States

Friday 4/5/2024
12:00 PM EST

This session will delve into the history of iodine and its role in thyroid hormones. It will transition into an overview of thyroid function testing and provide a broad understanding of these tests and interpretations. Finally, we will go through a few case examples to apply the knowledge gained and implement into clinical practice. Don’t miss this – you’ll be ‘salty’ if you do!

Hot Topics in Menopause.. Your Top 5 “Must-Knows”

Friday 5/3/2024
12:00 PM EST

Join me for an engaging and informative presentation on the hottest topics in menopause! Although menopause is a natural phase of life, it can bring about significant changes and challenges. In this dynamic presentation, we will delve into the top five “must-knows” about menopause, covering essential information and cutting-edge research to help your patients navigate through this transformative time with confidence and vitality. Sign up today – will be here in a “hot flash”!

Making Sense of Migraine

Friday 6/7/2024
12:00 PM EST

Not sure where to start with your headache assessment? Join us for top tips to organize your approach to feeling confident with migraine diagnosis and initial treatment. Can you really perform a comprehensive headache visit in 30 minutes or less? The answer is yes! Join Dr. Laurel Short for an engaging session that will have you ready to efficiently differentiate migraine from other types of primary and secondary headache.

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Friday 7/5/2024
12:00 PM EST

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