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Top Diagnoses in Dermatology – Like a Box of Chocolates

Friday 1/5/2024
12:00 PM EST

Life in a dermatology clinic is like a “box of chocolates”. . . you never know what you’re going to get. Dermatology is more than popping pimples and cutting out skin cancers. We’ll review rashes, bumps, and skin diseases that are easily missed. And then, once you’ve seen it and asked your patients 1-2 questions, you’ll never miss the diagnosis. Indulge in this session and treat your patients to top-notch care!

5 Top Tips for Treating Hypothyroidism in Clinical Practice

Friday 2/2/2024
12:00 PM EST

Join us for expert tips in managing the second most common endocrinopathy in primary care—hypothyroidism. Managing this disease can be challenging due to confusing labs, ubiquitous symptoms, and conflicting medical treatment guidelines. These may lead to delays in diagnosis and implementation of appropriate treatment, thus negatively impacting patient health, cognition, and quality of life. In just 30 minutes, equip yourself with insights to enhance your clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

Don’t Fear the Pain: Increase Your Comfort Level in Evaluating Pain in Orthopedic Patients

Friday 3/1/2024
12:00 PM EST

Whether acute or chronic, most patients presenting for orthopedic visits are in pain. Clinicians need to be familiar with an appropriate HPI and exam because it’s essential in determining not only the cause of the patient’s pain, but also for formulating treatment plans for patients’ success.  Join us for this fun 30-minute session and learn about HPI, exam, and treatment options (pharm and intervention) in common pain presentations in an orthopedic setting.   

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Friday 4/5/2024
12:00 PM EST

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