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SBHPP Speaker - Aleece Fosnight
Aleece Fosnight, PA-C, CSC-S, CSE, NCMP, IF

Women’s Sexual Health Trivia

Recorded 1/15/2021

Ready to test your skills on women’s sexual health trivia? Each question will encompass a clinical case presentation and follow up with a discussion on diagnosis, lab/imaging testing, and treatment plan of care. Topics will include anorgasmia, vulvodynia, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, dyspareunia, BDSM/Kink, and many more!

Shelagh Larson, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, NCMP

Covid-19: Who Are The First Responders To The First Responders?

Recorded 7/9/2021

Covid has wreaked havoc on the nation, the economy, and our healthcare. Now that we’re emerging out of the other side, we look back at the wake it has left behind. It’s the first responders: all the providers that need healing now. We waded through the conspiracies, tackled the surf of differential diagnoses, languished in lack of PPE, and paddled through death and disease day in and day out with mask and face shields. Now the thing that can get us past this, the vaccines, are “plots to infect us all”. Feel like all you’re doing is just surviving, going through the motions? Perhaps it’s your staff that has lost morale. This sounds like burnout. And it is real, very real, and will be our next pandemic. Come join this interactive session and see if you or your staff have burnout and what you can do about it.

Nisha McKenzie, PA-C, CSC, NCMP, IF

5 Tips for Addressing Those Awkward Questions about Sex

Recorded 11/5/2021

Does anyone else feel a bit of anxiety kick in when a patient says, “It’s been taking longer than usual for me to orgasm. What can I do?” Or “My libido is gone. Zip, zero, zilch. Help!” Join us for a lively discussion about how you can keep that poker face, respond appropriately and confidently, and help these patients find the answers they deserve. We’ll go through a couple of common case studies and arm you with the resources you’ll need so you don’t have to dodge these questions. In just 30 minutes, you can become the local “sexpert” for your area!


New CDC STI Treatment Guidelines . . . Hot Off the Press

Recorded 4/1/2022

STIs are at their highest rates since written records have been kept. The CDC has finally released the NEW 2021 STI Guidelines, including new treatment recommendations for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, PID, and Candidiasis. Alternatives for Trichomoniasis treatment failures are also included. Becoming familiar with the guidelines is essential for clinicians to provide the most current, state-of-the-art care to our patients. So take away practical pearls in just 30 minutes and bring your brain for some lunchtime fun and learning!

Melissa Rodriguez, DMSC, PA-C

Labor of Love

Recorded 12/2/2022

We were born for this, right? Other than pain, most people generally know very little about the process. We’ll review the physiology of pregnancy and its contributions to the birthing process, including critical hormones and adaptations. A dive in the past shows us prehistorical and ancient depictions of laboring women surrounded by supporting women. We aim to understand this connection, the advancement of maternal care, and tips and tricks for the best experience. We’ll also review deliveries in low-resource settings. Don’t miss this!

Party in Your Pants: Top Three Reason Women Come to the Clinic

Recorded 5/5/2023

On this Cinco de Mayo, we’ll celebrate how to avoid having a “party in your pants.” Bleeding, discharge, and pain are the top complaints for women. Many women will resort to Dr. Google searches for answers to their gynecological issues. By the time they get to their appointment, they’ve bought all kinds of online products or home remedies that can make things worse. Learn the tricks of the trade from this WH Ninja in counseling our women to address bleeding, discharge, and pain.

Check out Shelagh from our 2022 conference. Watch here:

Nancy R. Berman MSN, ANP-BC, NCMP, FAANP

Osteoporosis & Fracture Prevention: Tips for Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment of Men and Women

Recorded 10/6/2023

Osteoporotic fractures can lead to disability and even death. A hip or vertebral fracture may impact an individual causing chronic pain and loss of independence. Once an individual has a first fracture, the rate of subsequent fractures increases significantly! It’s time to improve screening and management to prevent fractures in our patients! Who should be screened? Who should be treated? How should we treat them? When do we initiate drug holidays with bisphosphonate therapy? Spend 30 minutes with us and obtain some key points in screening and management of patients for fracture prevention. 


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