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Share Your Testimonial With Us!

Encourage more peers and colleagues to earn CME with you at Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts!

Will you help us help your peers find out about Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts? It’s easy – all we need is a few minutes of your time to share why you chose us to earn CME. In gratitude, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card*!

Here’s how: Go online, where you’ll find a short, personal message from our founder, Chuck Dillehay, explaining why he hopes you’ll record and share your testimonial about why you choose our CME conferences. Then, using a three-part guided tutorial, we’ll invite you to introduce yourself, tell us your top takeaways from your experiences at our CME conferences, and share why you would recommend us to a colleague for online CME or an in-person CME conference. You can even record as many times as you’d like to make sure you get it just right.

We’ll compile recorded testimonials to encourage your peers to give us a look – ensuring that you’ll know even more familiar faces at your next CME conference! Ready? Find a well-lighted, quiet space to record on your computer or smartphone; select click here for the questions and recording tool; record your video; and enjoy $20 on us! Thank you!

*Limited time offer; one gift card per person.