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Changing Careers within the Medical Community

At some point in everyone’s career, just about all of us might wonder, is this it? Is there more? Or, maybe you’ve felt pigeonholed into a particular skillset or healthcare interest, and you want to try something new. For those just starting out – particularly after focusing on a specialty in medical or nursing school – it can be enlightening to better understand others’ career paths and recognize that change is not only normal, it’s advisable! To help recognize opportunities for change – and hopefully stave off burnout in the process – Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts chatted with a few of our medical conference speakers who headline our CME conferences 2023 for their best advice on knowing when it’s time to consider a different path.

The Flexibility of a Physician Assistant Career

Melissa Rodriguez, DMSC, PA-C, a clinically practicing physician assistant (PA) in obstetrics and gynecology, has worked in women’s health her entire career, but by recognizing the flexibility and options that a career as a physician assistant offers, she has switched focuses several times.

“My primary passion is labor and delivery,” she explained, “but I have worked in general ob-gyn inpatient and outpatient, maternal-fetal medicine, and breast radiation oncology. Currently, I work in an ob-gyn emergency department, where I see a wider array of patient presentations. Over the years, I’ve needed to make changes to fit my family’s needs, whether with childcare or attending to my children’s school needs, and I’m immensely grateful for my ability to do so as a PA.”

A Nurse Practitioner’s Self Check-Up

Equally important, advises Christopher Hemmer, DNP, ANP-BC, ONP-C, FAANP,a nurse practitioner in orthopedics, is paying attention to how you feel internally: “When you stop loving what you do or find yourself having more bad days than good days, it is probably time to start thinking about a change. Be careful to not become complacent or cavalier – we are treating real people every day, and no two cases are exactly the same. Recognizing this is the art of what we do daily as healthcare practitioners!”

“It’s important to wake up every day and feel happy to go to work,” agrees Jennifer Carlquist-Reed, PA-C, ER, CAQ, a PA who works in ER and cardiology. “We spend so much time at our hospitals, clinics, and medical offices … it’s critical to enjoy it. When you enjoy your job, it translates to your ability to provide your patients with better care and prevent burnout. Take a read on how you’re feeling!”

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