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Reducing Stress in the Workplace

April is Stress Awareness Month, and stress in the workplace is without question a reality we cannot ignore. In fact, according to surveys shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of workers report their job is “very or extremely stressful”; 26 percent report they are “often or very often burned out or stressed by their work”; and 29 percent report they feel “quite a bit or extremely stressed at work.” Further, one-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number-one stressor in their lives; three-fourths believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a generation ago; and problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor – more so than even financial or family problems.

Identifying, Managing, and Reducing Stress

For those of us in the healthcare community, we know that physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and registered nurses (RNs) are certainly not immune to workplace stress. Recognizing it is the first step to management, and Mental Health America’s (MHA) online Stress Screener, in fact, can help you identify and learn tips for reducing stress. Please screen yourself!

For employers and those in management, additional strategies include:

  • Create a strong work-life balance
  • Provide employees with premium benefits
  • Encourage open communication
  • Offer vacation time off
  • Schedule team outings
  • Use flexible work schedules
  • Provide employee recognition
  • Encourage breaks throughout the day
  • Make the office welcoming and fun
  • Understand mandated leave requirements.

How well is your organization doing in each?

Earning CME Your Way

At Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts, we’re strong believers that celebrating joy and finding fun are foundational to reducing stress, and we hope you’ll find both if you need to earn CME this year. Rather than adding to your to-do list – and piling on the stress of trying to determine when to fit CME in – we’re all about offering flexibility so that you can learn at your own pace – wherever you learn best.

Check out our full 2024 CME Conference schedule – or register for a Virtual or On-Demand CME – and take your pick of disconnecting and traveling to a destination location or learning at whatever location and pace feels best for you. No matter how you earn your CME credits, we’ll cover topics including  dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, emergency medicine, women’s health, pain management, pharmacology, diabetes, and ER. With our full-day sessions focusing on a different specialty, you’ll also take a deep dive into your preferred field and build on your knowledge provided throughout the day. Register early for the best rates!

  • May 21-24, 2024: Pensacola, FL (Earn up to 26 CME credits and 5.75 Pharmacology credits)
  • June 3-6, 2024: Orlando, FL (up to 26 CME credits and 3 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • June 11-14, 2024: Destin, FL (up to 26 CME credits and 5.75 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • June 24-27, 2024: Myrtle Beach, SC (up to 39 CME credits and 5.25 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • August 6-9, 2024: Virginia Beach, VA (up to 26 CME credits and 4.25 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • September 10-13, 2024: Pensacola Beach, FL (up to 39 CME credits and 7 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • October 8-11, 2024: San Antonio, TX (up to 26 CME credits and 3.75 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • October 21-24, 2024: Orlando, FL (up to 39 CME credits and 8.5 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • November 12-15, 2024: Las Vegas, NV (up to 39 CME credits and 9 APRN Pharmacology credits).

In-Person and Online CME for Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Physicians

Since our founding, 16,400 NPs, PAs, and physicians have chosen Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts, learning from 125 speakers at 78 CME Conference sites, earning nearly 500,000 CME credit hours. We’re proud of playing such an important role in our attendee’s pursuit of lifelong learning, and we hope to see you at one – or more! – of our CME Conferences in 2024, whether throughan in-person CME Conference at a destination location, or via our on-demand courses or virtual CME conferences! No matter what you choose, you’ll learn from the best of the medical community as you earn CME credits, network, and gain knowledge on dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, emergency medicine, women’s health, pain management, pharmacology, diabetes, and ER. We also offer the best value per CME credit, with our cost per CME credit hour as low as $21!