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Figuring Out the Yay or Nay to a New Career Opportunity

Part 1 of 2, Looking Inward

Maybe you formally view yourself as a mentor or maybe you don’t, but at some point, just about all of us unwittingly play that role in our careers. 

Let’s say, for example, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant reaches out and asks you to meet for lunch. They’re considering a career change, a few opportunities have come to fruition, and they want your best advice for evaluating a job offer. You say yes, but on the drive there, you realize you’re not sure if you’ll be able to help them figure out if it’s a good fit. To help suss out some strategies for helping a colleague – or yourself! – determine the next best path forward, we sat down with several of our top CME Conference speakers for their insights. 

What must come first, many speakers urged, is to encourage anyone considering a job change to do some serious self-reflection. 

With that in mind, Victor Czerkasij, a leading expert in dermatology, advises that the first step should always be of the “mouth closed, ears open” variety. “Too many people are talking but few are listening,” he said. “I’ve found that one of the smartest – and most illuminating – tactics in a situation like this is to ask your colleague six or seven meaningful questions before you tell anyone anything. 

“The questions can cover a wide range of topics – their past history, goals, experiences, inspirations, fears, or hopes – and the answers will most certainly inform your responses. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll help them dig deep and learn more about themselves, which is the most important step before making any life change,” he added. 

“I would tell them to ‘follow your why’,” agreed Karen Myrick, an associate professor of orthopedics, while Jen Carlquist’s, an ER and cardiac physician assistant, has a similar go-to question. “Knowing what you like and what inspires your happiness is what will make going to work every day a choice you’re happy to make. For me, that means going where I am serving people, and choosing an organization where I feel my work will be appreciated. That’s worth more than the money!” 

Next blog: You’ve encouraged your colleague to ask themselves the tough questions … now it’s time to take a closer look at the organization they’re considering. Learn what key advice our top speakers would give to help assess organizational “fit!” 

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