Orthopedic CME

Specialty Care CME Conference

The Goal

The goal of our Orthopedic CME Conference is to provide specialty care practitioners with up-to-date, evidence-based information regarding commonly encountered orthopedic medical issues, enhance the knowledge domain and strategic thinking of attendees, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The Conference

Our nationally accredited and passionate speakers provide training on injuries habitually encountered by primary healthcare providers, such as infections, injuries, bite wounds, flexor and extensor tendon injuries, finger fractures/ dislocations, and more.

Our Orthopedic CME Conferences

Courses include:

  • “Making Musculoskeletal Radiology More Black and White”
  • “When to Wake Your Orthopedic Provider”
  • Plus many more!

The Outcome

After attending our Orthopedic CME conference, you will be able to efficiently identify anatomy and anatomic conditions, interpret x-ray images for common acute injuries of the hands or fingers, describe the diagnosis and treatment of frequent orthopedic conditions, and discuss when to refer patients for sub-specialty care.

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