Specialty Care CME Conference

Dermatology CME

The Goal

The goal of our Dermatology CME Conference is to provide specialty care practitioners with up-to-date, evidence-based information on commonly encountered dermatological medical issues; enhance the knowledge domain and strategic thinking of attendees; and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The Conference

Nationally accredited and passionate speakers provide training on various skin procedures that will be utilized daily in dermatology practices. Our CME conferences include dermatology training for common and not-so-common skin procedures, including skin bacterial infections, viral infections, rashes, infestations, atopic dermatitis, follicular disorders, and skin cancer.

Dermatology CME | Skin Bones CME

Dermatology CME | Skin Bones CME

Our Dermatology CME Courses

  • “Psoriasis: Presentation, Exacerbators and Treatment”
  • “Benign Skin Lesions Uncoded”
  • “Dermatologic Drugs and Drug Reactions”
  • Plus many more!

The Conference

After attending our Dermatology conference, you will be able to effectively perform dermatological procedures, describe the diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions, and complete patient referrals for subspecialty care.

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