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Why CME Conferences Matter

Why CME Conferences Matter for your practice

Since Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts’ founding in 2011 and our first pilot CME Conference in Orlando, Fla., we’ve welcomed 16,400 physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and registered nurses (RNs) to 78 conferences, where they have learned from and were entertained by 125 speakers. Thousands more have joined us online, and we’ve awarded nearly 500,000 CME credit hours. We’re proud of our growth – and since our first conference knew we were on to something when we made “Making Medical Meetings Fun” an integral part of our mission.

Our commitment to earning our participants’ loyalty is based on our one-of-a-kind CME experience and our “4 E Promise” – which is to say we offer education, energy, engagement, and entertainment. We’re now the fastest-growing CME series in the nation with In-Person, Virtual, and On-Demand CME courses – a title we’re proud to hold.

As the American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME) shares, CME is crucial to a practitioner’s prosperity: “Not a day goes by that a new medical study isn’t published or advancements are made in the industry, and these findings and innovations impact how patients with certain medical conditions should be assessed, treated, and cared for. As a result, medical professionals have a responsibility to their patients to continue their education and stay on top of these changes. Only by doing so can they confidently provide patients with the level of care they deserve.”

Additional value of CME, the AACME continues, includes:

  • Refine skills to improve overall patient care
  • Stay current with the latest developments within their specialty
  • Address real-world challenges that health care professionals face day-to-day
  • Gain professional growth and a means to advance career status
  • Meet licensing/certification requirements
  • Learn effective medical team management skills
  • Earn membership in professional organizations.

“Every aspect of CME’s value is top-of-mind for us,” said Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts Creator Chuck Dillehay. “I’m proud of so many things as I look back on what we’ve built for physicians, NPs, PAs, and RNs, especially our unique approach to learning that inspires participants to go back to their workplaces and use what they learned to positively impact the healthcare and well-being of their local communities.”

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue expanding on our ability to provide CME to ever-growing numbers of health care practitioners, and we hope you’re part of that growth! Which CME Conference will YOU enjoy in 2024?

  • June 24-27, 2024: Myrtle Beach, SC (up to 39 CME credits and 5.25 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • August 6-9, 2024: Virginia Beach, VA (up to 26 CME credits and 4.25 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • October 8-11, 2024: San Antonio, TX (up to 26 CME credits and 3.75 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • October 21-24, 2024: Orlando, FL (up to 39 CME credits and 8.5 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • September 10-13, 2024: Pensacola Beach, FL (up to 39 CME credits and 7 APRN Pharmacology credits)
  • November 12-15, 2024: Las Vegas, NV (up to 39 CME credits and 9 APRN Pharmacology credits).

In-Person & Online CME for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physicians, and Registered Nurses

Earn CME in the field of your choice with Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts through an in-person CME Conference at a destination location, or earn CME in 2024 through our on-demand courses or virtual CME conferences! You’ll learn from the best of the medical community as you earn CME credits, network, and gain knowledge on dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, emergency medicine, women’s health, pain management, pharmacology, diabetes, and ER. We also offer the best value per CME credit, with our cost per CME credit hour as low as $21!