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SBHPP Speaker - Mimi Secor

Get Your CME and Your Health Checks in Order Before Year-End!

The year is rapidly coming to a close, and just as physicians, physician assistants (PAs), and nurse practitioners (NPs) work to earn the last of their needed CME credit hours before year-end, so should we remember to put our own health first and make sure we’ve gotten in all of our annual exams! From head to toe, ask yourself if you’re up to date on everything from eye and dental appointments to annual physicals. And with women-specific health awareness campaigns filling almost every month of the year, Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts is urging all women to take stock of specialized appointments, such as mammograms and gynecological exams, and make sure you’re up to date on those, as well.

Online CME for Women’s Health

Women’s health is of course also a fundamental part of our in-person CME and online CME, with a new mini package available online, worth 1.5 credit hours, as well as an on-demand CME program worth up to 13 CME credits and 4.25 Rx credits!

The mini Women’s Health On-demand CME course – just $29 – is taught by women’s health expert Nisha McKenzie, PA-C, CSC, NCMP, IF, who provides an open and transparent discussion about female sexuality. She discusses the science behind female sexuality and the fact that it is not a “light” version of male sexuality, and she discusses the repercussions of women’s medical issues that often remain unanswered due to lack of time, lack of training, lack of available resources, discomfort, bias within the topic of sexuality, and more. Find out more if you need just a few more credits!

For those needing more hours, the On-demand course, “Labia & LARCs & Libido, Oh My!” helps walk physicians, NPs, and PAs through topics ranging from Menopause to prevention and screening guidelines.

Also taught by McKenzie and by Mimi Secor, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, courses include:

  • LARCs: Use of Contraception Across the Lifespan
  • ·       LGBTQIA+ Informed Health Care: Making Sense of the Letters
  • ·       The “S” Word: Demystifying Female Sexual Health (Rx=0.50)
  • ·       V is for Vagina, Vestibule, Vulva – And All Things Amazing
  • ·       From Menstrual Disorders to Menopause
  • ·       Women’s Health Guidelines Update
  • ·       Contraceptive Update: What’s New?
  • ·       STI Update: Focus on the Female
  • ·       PCOS: Common, Complex and Serious 
  • ·       Menopause Alert: Hot Flashes, Vaginal Atrophy, Libido and More. 

In-Person and Online CME for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians

Get your health – and your CME – in order before year-end! Make sure all of your annual appointments are done, and earn the last of any needed CME through a new mini program or an on-demand course. You’ll learn from the best of the medical community as you earn CME credits and gain knowledge on dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology and emergency medicine, women’s health, pain management and pharmacology, diabetes and ER.