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CME Cruises – Will Employers Pay? Bon Voyage!

Will your employer pay for a CME cruise? Is a cruise more affordable than a hotel based conference? I was surprised to learn the answer to both questions is “YES!” Here’s what I discovered . . .

For me, it’s important to keep a sharp eye on my CME budget, and that’s exactly what a cruise conference allows. You know exactly what’s coming out of your wallet because it’s all-inclusive. Once you pay for your cabin, all expenses are covered including your stateroom, world class meals, on-board activities and entertainment, gratuities, and transportation from port to port. Bringing kids? No sweat. Even youth and teen clubs are included – they’ll have a ball with the activity directors. Remember Julie from “The Love Boat”? Well, you get the picture.

How does the CME work? I recently observed this first-hand. The sessions take place in a beautiful meeting room, complete with state-of-the technology. The speakers delivered exceptional presentations on a variety of topics. The sessions are held on the days you’re sailing so you don’t miss any ports. Participants were fully relaxed without the usual daily disruptions. What’s more, no need to worry about your spouse and kids – they’ll be having a blast with the endless on-board activities. It’s a true “win-win.” No wonder why cruise ships are the fastest growing venues for CME conferences!

So, what are you waiting for? Combine your CME with an experience of a lifetime – join us for our world-class cruises to Alaska this summer and the Caribbean in the fall!

Chuck Dillehay
Creator, Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts