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National Nurses Week: May 6th – May 12th

National Nurses Week is here!

First observed in October of 1954, the week of recognition now occurs every year from May 6th until May 12th, ending the week on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, the founder of modern nursing. Join us this week to celebrate the amazing nurses that have been on the frontlines caring for our country.

We are proud to stand behind all healthcare workers.  To all the nurses who have been putting in long hours and risking your health to care for others, we have one thing to say.  Thank you!

Here are a few fun facts to celebrate the nursing profession: 

1. Nurses are 5k champions! 

They walk an average of 5 miles for every 12-hour shift. This is double the total distance the average person walks every day. 

2. By the year 2022, there will be approximately 3.2 million members in the RN workforce. This is 0.95% of the estimated total population for the country at the same time. 

3. Nurses are frequently named as one of the most trusted professions. Studies and interviews show nurses are viewed as having higher ethical and honesty standards. When you are sick or injured, these are traits you want in a person that’s helping. 

May 6 – 12 is when the nation officially celebrates Nurses Week. 

However, the appreciation for what you do and the gratitude for your service extend to each day. So from everyone at our Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts family, thank you!  

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