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Life After Coronavirus: Take Time for YOU

The past weeks have been hectic for our society, especially those in the health care field. You have dedicated hours, days, and weeks taking care of others. Thank you! 

We couldn’t have kept functioning as we have as a society without your efforts and commitment. While it is taking time, there will be light at the end of the tunnel when this pandemic has lessened, and we are able to start returning to some form of normalcy. Just make sure to take time and show yourself some of the same care and attention you’ve been giving to others.

With a Skin Bones CME Conference, you can enjoy all the perks of a vacation while still getting required CME credits for your field. The perfect way to celebrate YOU and all your hard work. Continue reading and find out about how our conferences are your perfect chance to getaway.


Warm beaches, big cities, and even a Caribbean Cruise are the different vacation destinations that SBHPP picks for our CME Conferences. There is always something to do, whether it is sight-seeing, nightlife, shopping, or any other fun adventures that you might discover! We will take care of the business side of things during the day. Nighttime is when you can focus on relaxing!

All of our SBHPP CME Conference locations can be found here. Each conference has information about the conference, hotel, fun things to do in the city, and a daily schedule, so you know how to plan. 


You have had enough to worry about for these past weeks. Let us take responsibility for a change when you attend any of our conferences. SBHPP is a leading provider of high-quality, affordable CME for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. All of our online daily schedules also include discussion topics and the credits you earn. This way you know what you are learning, as well as what credits will be complete. 

Our speakers cover a variety of relevant topics across Dermatology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, and Women’s Health. So no matter what your field of focus, there is something for everyone. Refresh your knowledge during our courses during the day. Refresh your spirit by connecting with other conference attendees. Celebrate all you have done together.


One of the most important needs we have as humans is that of a community. With everything that has been happening, the dynamics of our communities have been impacted. Your community of fellow healthcare providers has also been stressed. A Skin Bones Conference is a perfect opportunity to recharge.

Whether it is taking advantage of one of the catered breakfasts or lunches at our conferences, or venturing out into town with other attendees, few things bring people together more than food. Another uniting element is that of shared interests. As exhausting as recent weeks have been, it can help to recharge by connecting with others who know firsthand what you have gone through.

Our speakers cover topics that are relevant to your interests and chosen field. Likewise, the other attendees there will also share their own experiences and excitement. This is a great way to find balance again and recharge after so many weeks of personal sacrifice.

So much of the past weeks have been you focusing on others. As everything starts to find balance again, remember to make things about YOU. Take advantage of our CME Conferences as a way to treat yourself to a getaway and also complete your required credits. With classes during the day and a free schedule at night, this is your opportunity to relax, refresh, and recharge.

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