Hear What Attendees Are Saying About Us

Practitioners across the country are calling this program this best CE event they’ve ever attended.  From the best speakers in the nation to groundbreaking demonstrations and exciting destinations, participants are coming back for more and bringing their colleagues!

“Confidence inspiring!”

“AWESOME!! So excited to practice what I learned.”

“Great pearls to use in practice.”


“Compassionate, knowledgeable, and charismatic speakers”

“Excellent conference. I will highly recommend to friends.”

“Best speaker/presenter I have seen yet. Engaging, dynamic, motivational. Offers a lot of clinical pearls and useful anecdotal experiences, explained in a way that “sticks”. I never yawned once during the day (huge accomplishment!) And greatly appreciate the EKG Boot Camp DVD that I won! I highly recommend this speaker and would gladly pay to see her present again.”

“I felt the conference presented a lot of good information, was relatively time efficient, and a good value for the information presented.”

“Good conference that provided good topic information and evidenced-based recommendations.”

“Thank you. Going to attend again next year!!”

“The best conference I have been to by far. Speakers kept my attention the entire time. Speakers were fun and had personalities and liked to joke around. This is very important. Also, they were very informative. You can tell they like their jobs.”

“The resort was awesome! The breakfasts were phenomenal, free happy hour drinks—awesome, the room and location were fabulous. The conference itself was well-organized and full of good information. I will be back to a SBHPP conference.”

“I really appreciated the topics that were presented, especially the one regarding transgender patients. I was taught many different things that I did not know and this information will help me in my practice.”

“Awesome conference! All of your speakers were top notch!”

“Good conference. Easy to attend and evaluate. Speakers good as well. Will plan to attend another year.”

“Great conference. This is my second time coming to a SBHPP conference.”

“Great conference. Will attend again. Thank you!”

“Great conference. Priced well, speakers are knowledgeable about their topics and show enthusiasm.”

“I enjoy this conference very much. Very organized and phenomenal speakers.”

“I enjoyed this conference. I thought the speakers were really effective and interesting.”

“Staff and speakers for the conference were most wonderful!”

“Very well done! The speakers were engaging and current. I enjoyed the conference and learned so much. Thank you!”

“Was glad to find this conference during the week and in the summer! My family was able to go enjoy the trip.”

“Excellent speakers – well versed in their subjects.”

“Great interaction with audience. Very informative.”

“AMAZING speaker!”

“Totally enjoyed every minute.”

“I learned so much useful information to use in practice.”

“As a first time attendee, I must say this was by far THE BEST conference ever! Awesome speakers. Good range of topics. Great location. Decent food. Coffee/drinks all day.”

“Great conference! Definitely considering going to another one.”

“I recommend this conference to many FNP. Information and content is always very beneficial.”

“Very satisfied with all aspects of conference. Very impressed with expertise of speakers.”

“Thank you for putting on a great conference.”

“The name cracked me up – will definitely extol y’alls virtues!”

“Will definitely recommend the conference to my friends and I plan to attend another.”

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