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What is a sexuality counselor?

People often ask me; how did you get into sexual medicine? My answer is not quite as simple. For me, it was during my PA training at the University of Kentucky when trying to find a Master’s thesis topic. The majority of my classmates focused on orthopedics, …

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Dermatology Case Studies

You enter your clinic and see that the first patient of the day is Michael.  He is on your schedule for a “rash”.  Michael is 26 years old, has not been able to keep a job or have an intimate relationship due to this “rash”.  His skin …

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The WAP Controversy

While Cardi B’s WAP song has elicited a lot of attention to vaginal lubrication especially during arousal, being “wet” does not always line up with being sexually aroused. Wait, what? Yes, you heard me correct. Drum roll, please…we use the term arousal non-concordance to describe this phenomenon. …

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